We are dividing our consultancy program into two tiers.
We have set some criteria for each candidate in order to
qualify for this program.

Tier 1

Candidates must have 2year/4 year/ or compatible advanced training to qualify for this program. Candidates will receive basic Cultural Engagement training, Emotional Intelligence, Certified Office Assistant and Microsoft Office Systems Specialists training, 6-month student visa, CV rework, career counseling, interview preparation, after actions counseling and an assigned bed space for 3 months.

Tier 2

Candidates have arrived in Dubai previously and are financially unable to participate in the Tier 1 or do not hold the qualifying details. Candidates will be offered CV rework, CV assessment, career guidance and job search or paid access to REFEED computer network and job bank.

Study Abroad

Are you interested in attending a foreign college, university or career education program? Let REFEED guide you through the ins and outs. REFEED will be with you every step of the way. FROM IELTS to ACCEPTANCE to VISA PROCESSING to ENROLLMENT. REFEED will help you with document clearing and working out any kinks in the process to get you started on your way to your brighter future.


REFEED offers internship opportunities for those who are still matriculating their tertiary education either as direct internships with REFEED or through sourcing with one of our partner companies. Experience the work environment first-hand. REFEED will also assist you in finding externship opportunities should you choose to work abroad for the summer break.


REFEED will connect you with migration partners across the globe. The only limitations you face are the one you make for yourself by not being responsive as we guide you through this process. Would you like to work in Australia, Canada, Germany, the U.K., the United States? Connect with REFEED and let REFEED connect you to the World! Just as with Study Abroad, REFEED will assist you in processing all your documents, provide training opportunities should you need IELTS study prep and CV rework. REFEED is with you every step of the way.

REFEED is founded on the recruiting and training enterprise structure of assisting clientele of minimal to middle income means.

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