We are dividing our courses into 4-6 parts. We’re also
giving technical training to each candidate who will enroll
in our courses.

The candidates will demonstrate Cultural Engagement through basic use of acquired language skills and etiquette to successfully engage in a job-related conversation.

The candidates will successfully navigate Emotional Intelligence scenarios and demonstrate ability to handle themselves in high stakes situations without reacting in an unprofessional or unpleasant manner that would risk their ability to maintain employment

The candidates will successfully demonstrate mastery of Microsoft Office programs passing the end of course exam given by Microsoft.

The Candidate will successfully navigate the computer-based training performance assessments designed to enhance conflict resolution and critical thinking skills in preparation for real-world office environment.

At the end of the 8-week training period, REFEED will source employment or internship through partner companies or successfully place the candidate in direct hire positions.

REFEED is founded on the recruiting and training enterprise structure of assisting clientele of minimal to middle income means.

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