The purpose of REFEED is to give value added top-up
training to candidates in disadvantaged, underprivileged
neighborhoods to increase performance-based confidence.

To produce digital products that will give the user an interactive yet user friendly experience. For infrastructurally challenged communities, candidates will be able to connect to internet sources, download required information, use the content and upload again when internet is available.

To use Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning interactive Instructional Technology methodologies to upgrade/bridge the education gaps between Indigenous countries and their Western counterparts.

To utilize scenario-based interactive training opportunities which develop necessary skill sets for real-world experiences. The candidate will benefit from a watch then perform learning work-based environment, the candidate will see the immediate impact of each decision.

To enhance the candidate training experience by offering personalized scenario-based learning pathways based on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Each module strengthens standards of performance through deliberate practice to eradicate weaknesses or reinforce strengths.

To utilize the recruitment mechanism to provide skilling, reskilling and upskilling opportunities to assist candidates in securing careers that match their knowledge, skill, training, and experiences.

To assist all candidates coming to REFEED with a professional, personalized, easy to navigate job seeking experience towards favorable career placement.

To offer apprenticeship programs to train candidates who have no previous technical skill in applications such as welding, general electrical maintenance, plumbing, and HVAC maintenance and repair.

REFEED is founded on the recruiting and training enterprise structure of assisting clientele of minimal to middle income means.

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