REFEED Expects to participate in multiple platforms
recruiting events. Job seekers will need access to the
training platform so that we can promote career

The company will be doing live recruitment trips targeting population segments in different nations.

The company will have a social media presence with links on each platform leading back to the recruitment data collection site through a contact sheet.

The company will invest in a YouTube channel as well as FB, and IG marketing campaigns.

The company will have locations in multiple countries and point prospective candidates to a location nearest to them in order to negotiate any language barrier issues.

Job seekers will need access to the training platform so that we can promote career advancement through additional, affordable training.

Partner companies will need access to the job seeker and training platform as a way for REFEED to promote compatible training courses for new hires, up skill, management, and leadership courses.

REFEED personnel would need access to this platform to schedule appointments between career counselors and job seekers and have two-way online communication between job seekers and designated support personnel.

REFEED will offer teacher/instructor support material/coaching, as well as teaching/tutoring opportunities through site engagement. Instructors will be able to offer paid certified courses/trainings for purchase or subscription through the REFEED website and Mobile Application

Finally, REFEED would need to be able to load and update job listing, CV database, and provide live status tracking capability.

REFEED is founded on the recruiting and training enterprise structure of assisting clientele of minimal to middle income means.

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